Piano Group 1 Major Scales

This is how the C, G, D, A, and E major scales are played.

Piano can be a very interesting instrument to start. Scales are a great way to help us learn exactly how the keys feel under our fingers. They also help us understand the system of notes being used, also known as the key. When we play in a major key, often the songs are happy. Minor keys give us a more melancholy feel.

Getting our fingers to play these can be intimidating, but when you get the scale, it opens up the world of that entire key!

One big thing to remember are your finger numbers. Regardless of which hand you're playing with, your Thumb is finger 1, Index 2, Middle 3, Ring 4 and Pinky 5. Pay close attention as you play each finger. Be sure to play your scales with both hands simultaneously, going as slow as you can to get it correct without resolving to play each hand separately. If you must play each hand separately, only play them separately until you get it correct ONCE. Then make sure to play the scales with both hands every time thereafter.

The attached chart includes the scales of the first five keys we typically teach in piano: C major, G major, D major, A major, and E major. We teach these five keys first because each key has the same finger pattern and subsequently only adds one black note for each new scale.

The black notes you will play for these five scales are called sharps. They can be found directly to the right of the white note with which they share a "letter name" (e.g. F-Sharp (F#) is the black note to the right of F.) These notes are highlighted in the scale chart so you don't miss them while playing.

Try to keep your eyes on the page and not on your hands! Best of luck!

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