Core Values: Creative Competence and Confidence

We innovate and problem solve through creative competence and confidence.

Part of our mission here at Ascend Music Studios is to give you the creative competence and confidence to change the world. We believe that in order to see more unity happen and problems solved, there needs to be creative solutions. The only way to get to creative solutions is to understand your craft through the pursual of mastery and give yourself permission through the confidence you’ve gained to make creative risks. 

In order to be a great musician, there’s a certain level of creative competence and confidence you need to make a beautiful sound, to read what’s on the page, to make music. 

We need competence within our field of study or within our craft or instrument in order to know which boundaries are appropriate to test and which ones should be left alone. It is through the testing of these boundaries that innovation happens and new things can occur. 

Confidence goes hand in hand with competence. It is only through our confidence that innovation occurs. If we have the competency but not the confidence to make decisions and take risks that test the boundaries, we are not going to. If we DO have the confidence to take risks and innovate through our decision making, we will take the risks. We will know which boundaries might be able to move and which ones won’t. 

Come join us as we dig in deeper to our own understanding of what it means to innovate and problem solve through creative competence and confidence!

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Ascend Music Studios has a heart for sharing the joy of music with everyone. If classes are out of reach for your budget at this time, please consider taking a look at our free resources!

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